Homestories emerges to tell the stories of homes, to reinvent them, to rewrite them with new meanings and new forms in search of a happy ending.

Homestories is born from the passion of its creator, Tânia Martins, for architecture combined with simplicity and functionality. With a strong focus on detail, where every detail matters, so that we can fully live in our homes. She believes that architecture plays a crucial role in environmental issues, and that has become one of her major concerns in all Homestories projects.


"Where every
detail matters"

Tânia Martins


Homestories’ mission is to conceive and create projects that bring our clients’ dreams to life, combining technical expertise with creativity and innovation, with a focus on sustainable practices.



We strive to be close to our clients, understanding their needs, motivations, interests, and preferences. Only by doing so can we establish a relationship of mutual trust that is important for the entire process.


At Homestories, we have immense respect for the existing and for our clients. We value the history of what exists and respect the original features of each house. That’s why we love the challenge of turning something old into something wonderful.


We always combine the needs and preferences of the client with what we value and what characterizes us. Each project is unique, but we strive to ensure that all of them reflect our own identity, which is characterized by simple, cozy, and well-lit spaces.


At Homestories, we work with truth and respect, which is why we establish a relationship of trust with our clients, where we share our knowledge and opinions transparently.


At Homestories, we are committed to making our homes more sustainable, whether through design, material selection, or construction efficiency. That’s why we invest in our education to keep evolving.


Homestories projects are inspired by the Nordic style, relying on bright and light colors that can create minimalist spaces filled with light and naturalness.

Neutral Tones

Soft and neutral colors, such as white, beige, or light gray, reflecting the brightness of the spaces.


Wood, being a natural element, makes spaces more cozy. Pine is our wood of choice.


Simple, practical spaces with only the essentials that make day-to-day living easier.


Natural light is essential, so we invest in solutions that make the most of natural light sources.