At Homestories, we develop projects tailored to each client’s needs. From ground-up projects, execution projects, remodeling projects, to interior design projects.



The renovation project is designed to give a new life to your space or home. Starting with your needs and preferences, we reorganize the layout to make it more functional, welcoming, and modern, while also preserving the history of the existing structure and respecting its original features.

  • 2D floor plan with the placement of fixed furniture;
  • Custom furniture design: kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom fixtures, etc.;
  • Selection of all finishes: wall coverings, flooring, sanitary ware, faucets, etc.;
  • Materials list with references, quantities, brands, and prices;
  • 3D renderings (optional).



The architecture project is designed based on the existing land, taking into account your needs and preferences. We have the utmost respect for the vegetation, surroundings, and terrain conditions, so we prioritize a functional, comfortable, and sustainable design.

  • 2D floor plan with fixed furniture layout;
  • Licensing process;
  • Technical drawings;
  • Execution project that includes the choice of all finishes: cladding, flooring, sanitary ware, faucets, etc. (optional);
  • 3D images (optional).



The execution project is where we select all the finishes, including flooring, wall coverings, sanitary ware, kitchen furniture, etc. This selection is made with our distinctive style in mind, and we want it to be identifiable. This is where everything starts to become more real!

  • 2D floor plan with fixed furniture layout;
  • Fixed furniture design: kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom furniture, etc.;
  • Selection of finishing materials, including: wall coverings, flooring, faucets, etc.;
  • 3D images (optional);
  • Materials list with appropriate references, quantities, brands, and prices.


Interior Design

We develop an interior design project tailored to you, based on our style and with the concern of creating functional, authentic spaces that convey tranquility. A detailed project where every detail matters, so that we achieve a result that translates into a space full of light, cozy, and where you feel comfortable and at peace.

  • 2D floor plan with fixed furniture layout;
  • Custom furniture design (if applicable);
  • Selection of decorative items, including: lamps, curtains, wallpaper, furniture, etc.;
  • Moodboard images;
  • Material list with proper references, quantities, brands, and prices.