From an early age, Bárbara fell in love with the art of creation, starting with sewing and turning fabrics into unique pieces. However, her curiosity led her to explore various passions along her journey.

As she puts it, ‘I always had many interests growing up,’ and fortunately, she always had the support of her family, who embraced all the adventures she embarked on. ‘I would say: now I want to make clothes!’ and there my father would come with piles of fabrics. And if I wanted to be a painter, he would bring me brushes… Because I wanted to be many things.’ But it was in digital marketing and design that she found her true passion. She realized that she can be whatever she wants, and every day is a unique adventure where no two days are the same.

At Homestories, she takes on the role of a marketeer, where she will share the stories that shape our projects and create connections with those who follow our work, where these very stories come to life.