More than just designing a house, we design spaces where people feel comfortable, peaceful, and happy. For us, thinking about a home means envisioning how it can be functional, filled with light, and where every detail matters. We believe that a home with the right design and a set of solutions implemented from the start translates into a more sustainable, efficient, and healthy project.

Architecture projects are subject to licensing, so in the initial phase, it will be necessary to have a topographical survey of the land and information about the Municipal Master Plan (PDM) and/or the land division in which the land is located in order to structure all the procedures.

Next, we proceed with the preparation of the preliminary study, where we create an initial draft of the floor plan, defining the rooms and areas you desire. At this stage, we meet with you to understand if the project we develop meets your needs and if the layout of the different rooms works for you.

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*Example Preliminary Study Floor Plan

All of our projects are developed based on Passive House principles. At this stage, we present all the characteristics of a Passive House so that you are aware of the solutions that can be adopted in your project. To obtain certification, not only does the project have to be developed in accordance with Passive House principles, but the construction also requires specialized oversight, which we can provide if desired.

With your approved project, we prepare all the necessary documentation and drawings for the licensing process. The specialty project is done by an engineering team that can be hired by us or, if you prefer, you can do it with another team.

After completing the architectural project, we begin the execution project, which we consider to be very important and a great asset in the course of the construction and the final result. This project details all the details of the house: we study the location of lighting points and outlets; we design built-in furniture, such as the kitchen, wardrobes, bathroom furniture; and we select all finishing materials, from floors and wall coverings to faucets and sanitary ware, among others.

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*Example Fixed Furniture Design

Also included in the execution project is the preparation of the materials map we have chosen for the project, with proper references, quantities, and brands, as well as a budget estimate for finishing materials. Given the vast array of choices available, we believe that the execution project is important to ensure that the final result matches the envisioned one!

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*Example Quantity Survey

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*Example Budget Estimate

To facilitate the visualization of the materials, we include the chosen materials in the technical drawings. However, if you have difficulty visualizing, you can opt for the creation of 3D images, where you can see the final result almost like it's real, making decision-making easier.

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Example of 3D Image

Thank you for providing the requested information. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with an indicative value for the development of your project, estimated based on the information provided. If you wish to receive a detailed quote, please respond to that email with the requested information and elements.