At Homestories, we believe that the execution project is a great asset for those who are renovating or building a home from scratch, as it is in this phase that all the finishes are chosen, from flooring and wall coverings to sanitary ware, kitchen furniture, among others. This selection is made with our distinctive style as a reference, and we like it to be something our clients can identify with.

With our distinctive style as a reference, which we hope you'll identify with, we select all the materials and finishes, from wall coverings and flooring to sanitary ware.

To aid in material visualization, we incorporate the chosen materials into technical drawings. However, if you have trouble visualizing, you can opt for the creation of 3D images, where you can see the final result almost realistically, making decision-making easier.

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*Example 3D Image

At Homestories, we strive to make each project unique and special. It's quite common for us to design custom furniture instead of relying on standard market options. In this regard, we also create all the necessary technical drawings for project interpretation.

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*Example Technical Drawing

In the final stage of the project, we provide you with the chosen materials list, complete with references, quantities, and brands, along with a budget estimate. Given the vast array of choices available, this step is crucial for the successful execution of the project, as it streamlines the work for the construction teams, giving them a general idea of the total cost associated with finishing materials.

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*Example Materials List

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*Example Material Map

Thank you for providing the requested information. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with an indicative estimate for the development of your project, based on the information provided. If you would like a detailed quote, please respond to that email with the requested information and elements.