At Homestories, we develop a customized Interior Design Project for you, based on our style, with the focus on creating functional, authentic spaces that convey tranquility, where every detail matters.

The creation of the 2D floor plan is the first step in the interior design project. It's in the floor plan that we reorganize the space, creating new solutions that will optimize the areas, from storage to furniture arrangement. Therefore, it's important for us to know the total area of the property/space to be decorated.

Imagem Moodboard
*Example 2D Floor Plan

After creating the floor plan, we proceed with the creation of mood board images, where we compile all the elements of the project, including furniture selection, color choices, fabrics, lighting, and decorative objects.

Imagem Moodboard
*Example Moodboard Image

After the approval of the moodboard images, we create a list of items that includes the reference, quantity, color, and brand of each item. With this list, you can complete the decoration yourself or request our assembly service, which is also budgeted in the list of items.

Imagem Moodboard

*Example Item List

We like our projects to be personalized and unique, so it's common for us to choose to design some furniture, such as sideboards, bathroom furniture, TV furniture, among others. In this sense, one of the phases of the interior design project, if applicable, is the development oftechnical drawings for all custom-made furniture.

Imagem Moodboard
*Example Technical Drawing

Thank you for providing the requested information. After submitting this form, you will receive an email with an indicative cost for the development of your project, estimated based on the provided information. If you require a detailed quote, please respond to that email by providing the requested information and elements.