how it works


Technical Assessment

After the budget is awarded, we carry out a survey visit, where we take measurements and create a photographic record. During this phase, we also take the opportunity to understand your needs and preferences and get to know the history, which is very important to us and essential for the project’s development.


Preliminary Study

The preliminary study is one of the steps in the remodeling project where we draw the plan with the new layout so that you can understand our proposal. At this stage, we clarify your doubts regarding the space organization to meet your expectations.



After presenting the plan and based on your feedback, we move on to the 3D design, which we present to you so that you can have a better understanding of the project and the final layout of the house.



With the architectural project finalized, we proceed to the licensing process, in cases where this step is necessary, especially when there are significant structural changes or alterations to the facade.


Execution Project

The execution project involves the selection of finishes, including flooring, wall coverings, faucets, sanitary ware, etc., which are later presented in a materials list. The execution project also includes the design of all built-in furniture, such as kitchens, wardrobes, or bathroom furniture.


3D Images

After choosing the materials, we proceed to create 3D images by applying these materials to the project, so you can have a more realistic idea of the final result and make better decisions (optional).


Material List

With all the chosen materials and approved furniture, we develop the materials and work list, which includes the respective brands, quantities, references, and prices.


Site Supervision

If you wish, we can provide on-site supervision to support and clarify any potential doubts for the construction team you hire. This way, we can ensure that everything is executed according to the project’s design (optional).