2D Remodeling Consultancy

how it works


Measurement Supply

After Budget Approval, we need the client to provide us with the measurements of the house or space for which we will develop a 2D floor plan proposal.


Proposed Floor Plan

Based on the provided measurements and the client’s requirements, we create our 2D floor plan proposal, showing the new space layout and the placement of fixed furniture.


Alterations Floor Plan

After creating the proposed floor plan, we also generate an alterations floor plan, highlighting in yellow what we propose to demolish and in red what we intend to build. This allows the client to have a clearer understanding of the proposed changes.


Presentation of the Floor Plan

With the final proposed floor plan ready, we schedule an online meeting with the client to present our suggested changes and the new floor plan. During this meeting, we address any questions or concerns that may arise.


Floor Plan Delivery

After the meeting, concluding the consultancy service, we send the final proposed floor plan and the alteration plan to the client via email.