Stephanie grew up closely following her father’s work at every stage, from customer service to drawing the first sketches and finally setting up the shops. As a result, her taste for the art of drawing and creating grew with her and, when she finished secondary school, it was easy to decide to pursue the world of architecture, with the aim of one day adding value to her father’s work.  

After a few twists and turns in her personal life, including the most beautiful one – becoming a mum, she decided to let go of her dream and abandon her architecture degree. In 2020, she combined her courage with resilience and decided to emigrate to Portugal, leaving her hometown in Brazil. Ironically, she found Homestories, which brought back memories of her university days.

Today, always with an eye on architectural projects, she supports Homestories’ administrative work and helps with what the team does best: creating stories of homes with happy endings.