Since she was a child, her dream was to create and transform homes, and anyone who knows her can attest to that. When the time came to decide what to pursue, there were no doubts, and she graduated in architecture. This was followed by a master’s degree in Light Steel Framing homes, but her love for detail and precision led her to a professional experience focused on renovation.

Her personal taste, combined with the desire to do things differently, led her to create her own brand, where homes exude peace and tranquility, giving birth to Homestories. With a passion for Nordic style, she adores everything natural, neutral and soft colors, simplicity, and functionality.

In architecture, she finds a way to channel her environmental concerns, which is why she recently obtained Passive House certification. Her goal is to design more efficient, healthy, comfortable, and sustainable homes. At Homestories, she is responsible for team management, and together, they do what she loves most – designing projects!