The first floor of Homestories

November, 2022

At Homestories, we’ve always had some difficulty finding flooring that suits our style and projects. Although my favorite is wood, it’s not always possible to use it, and I recognize that alternative solutions can be more advantageous in some cases. When I decided to change the flooring in my home due to rising humidity problems, this challenge became more pronounced because I had the limitation of not wanting to use laminate floating flooring due to the rising humidity issues. So, the solution was to install vinyl flooring.

It was at this point that the challenge of finding vinyl flooring that imitated pine began. I saw some options, but none were exactly what I envisioned.

During one of my visits to Listor, one of our flooring suppliers in Lisbon, I met Granorte, a Portuguese brand dedicated to producing cork coverings and other cork products. On that day, I encountered a flooring that won me over on all levels. It was a floating cork flooring made in Portugal with the appearance of pine, the one I had been searching for. It also had Microban® antibacterial protection, an integrated and permanent layer against bacteria, fungi, and mold, which provided the security I needed regarding the humidity issue.

I was truly impressed by Granorte for everything they create and their commitment to sustainability. I wanted to introduce this solution to others, which is how the idea of creating the first Homestories flooring by Granorte came about. It represents everything both brands believe in, combined with our distinctive style. We would finally have a flooring option for our projects and for all those seeking the same.

I easily gave up on vinyl, despite knowing that it is a more resilient material than cork – there’s no doubt about that. However, having my home covered in natural material instead of plastic was a convincing factor. I am aware of the care required because its behavior is very similar to wood, but I preferred to make that commitment for the comfort, the touch, and the sustainability.

From this synergy, the first Homestories flooring by Granorte was born, characterized by the presence of some veins and knots, giving it a more natural appearance and a light tone similar to Nordic pine. As the name suggests – Lovely Pine – it was designed to make spaces more harmonious, lovely, bright, and comfortable! It was designed by us, with you in mind!

Note: This collection is exclusively available at Listor in the following formats: 1746x194x13.5mm | 1164x194x10.5mm | 900x150x4mm.

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